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Value Added Services

The world of mobile entertainment is filled with unexplored possibilities that we want to augment.
Rebiana, strives to form strong partnerships with telecom companies to provide innovative services and products to our clients and partners.


Biggest Clients in Libya choose Rebiana for their VAS needs for important reasons.
  • Clients get a comprehensive VAS and Digital Solution.
  • Rebiana owns a highly secure, reliable technical platform.
  • We have a full technical connection with telecom companies in Libya.
  • Our connectivity covers almost all the MENA region.
  • Clients receive technical and commercial consultancy for any new service or product.
  • We provide Perfect technical efficiency with 99.99% success in message delivery.
  • Rebiana Platform can handle multiple SMS applications that can process up to 120,000 SMS per hour.

VAS Content

provider relationship

From service design and creation to content management and publishing, our team effectively manages the full end-to-end service provider relationship for over +100 partners, operators, and direct content providers.


We offer VAS combine with network design and technical support professional services, allowing telecommunications operators to implement advanced and high-quality service.

effective performance

Building on our longstanding presence in the region, and our effective performance on behalf of our clients, we currently manage over +50 partners in MENA.
When you call many of Libyana’s subscribers you will hear a “tarhiba” (An Arabic word for the welcoming greeting) from the carefully chosen content of the company’s Marhaba service.
We are proud to serve Marhaba, which started as an idea from the offices of Rebiana, and is based on our own technical platform. We also manage the full content with a large number of partners from all over the Arab world to provide diverse content for all tastes, religious content, Entertainment, comedies and songs.

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