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Social Media Services

In today’s digital society, social media is at the forefront of any digital marketing strategy. The majority of today’s customers are social consumers; they live and breathe social media. And so does Rebiana. We offer social media services that will enable your business to keep up with social media trends and create a community of your audience:
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Communication Crisis Management

build effective strategy

Rebiana will help you build an effective and well-crafted social media strategy that will fulfill several major benefits for your business, including:
  • Best impact on your communication activities.
  • Targeting the right and most valuable customers.
  • Maximum ROI.
  • Being prepared for various scenarios.
  • Being prepared for various scenarios.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Listening & Monitoring
Social Media Competitive analysis
Social Media Audit
Social Media Policy Development
Social Media KPI and reporting development
Social Media Crisis Planning
Social Media Training

Management of Social Media Accounts

We implement for our clients the 5 Pillars of Social Media & Community Management:



Activating the right channel for your brand and your audience.



Attractive and creative content that the audience enjoys and share.



Engaging conversation between the brand and the audience is what we do best.



We know the secrets of growing your community in quantity and quality



We monitor the conversations and the numbers and then we improve and develop.

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